Costume: Sweet Pea of Sucker Punch

Costume based on the character of Sweet Pea from the film Sucker Punch, played by Abbie Cornish.  

Sucker Punch character Sweet Pea: costume used in the film

Film poster Sucker Punch with Sweet Pea.

Film costume of Sweet Pea front.

Film costume of Sweet Pea back.



  • 20-04-2013 Costume has been worn at Elfia 2013 in Haarzuilens!

  • 20-04-2013 Finishing touch: bullets made of colored paper De laatste hand gezet: de kogelpatronen maken met gekleurd papier, tape and sewing thread bobbin.
  • 19-04-2013 The bullet cartridge made of elastic band on a piece of synthetic leather and stitched velcro as closure.
  • 15-09-2012 Photoshoot with another cosplay as the character Babydoll from the film:

Cosplay Babydoll and Sweet Pea in film poster 

Costume complete

2013 April 2013 April

2012-2013 Sweet Pea sword from (plastic, zonder schede). It is ca. 77 cm long, not as big as in the film.The sheath (taken from another sword) is painted by hand with silver-colored artificial leather paint in a pattern, such as in the film.

2012 The gloves are finished. See tutorial how it's made.

2012-2013 The boots are extended at the top. Self made belt straps added with buckles and bullet cartridge cases and bullets..

Tutorial Sweet Pea - Leren Jas

Tutorial Sweet Pea - Shoulder Guard

Tutorial Sweet Pea - Weapons

Tutorial Sweet Pea - Gloves

Tutorial Sweet Pea - Boots